Just Show Up

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When Chuck and I arrived at Mustard Point the sky was blue without promise of a special sunset. As the sun moved lower in the sky clouds moved in slowly from the north. The setting sun hit the horizon and an intense warm glow radiated across the landscape. I was glad that we showed up! 

More Than Fine Framing

I'm proud to have 3 photographs hanging and for sale At More Than Fine Framing in Towson MD. Each of these was captured in Acadia National Park in Maine. I continue to return to this magnificent location time and time again.  Cranberry and and Evergreen, and Wonderland Seaweed were taken in Wonderland, Twisting Fern at Jorden Pond House. Acadia is truly a wondrous place and these images are an intimate look at the flora. Stop by More Than Fine Framing to see these fine photographs and consider bringing one home!

The Sky and 2 Trees

I continue to return to the Delaware shore and Bombay Hook National wildlife refuge again and again. The marsh and its wildlife draw me there. On this visit the clouds were spectacular. 

Domino Sugar Photo Contest



I'm quite excited that my image of the Domino Sugar sign was selected as the winner of the Domino Sugar Photo Contest! I'm a passionate amateur photographer and am always looking for a great shot that captures the essence of a place.

 I took this shot on a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry with my wife and family. It was great to be there and experience the iconic Domino Sugar sign and tugboat. I was intrigued by the reflections of the tug and clouds in the water and thought both added depth and interest to the image. If you like this shot be sure to take a look at my image galleries. It would be nice to know if you like what you see.

Thanks to Domino Sugar for sponsoring the contest and the great prize! 

Shoot It When You See It


One of the things I really enjoy about having photography as a hobby is spending time together with other photographers and taking photographic journeys. On these journeys traveling down the road the question often is "should we stop here"? On an ambitious day and the photographic sprit is strong most times it's a yes. On other days the ambition and photographic sprit yields something like "We can come back later and shoot here if we want".  In some cases familiarity with a location can breed a bit of complacency because the though is "I can shoot this any time".  Well, in the case of this image "Emerging Crop" The federal house was in a location I had driven by with my photo buds many times. Year after year we drove by because the draw to the destination of the Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge always took precedence. That is until a rainy day in May When Annette and I stopped to shoot.  The resulting image is one that I'm proud of and I think it captures some of the essence of the area. I'm certainly glad we stopped. In my mind I looked forward to future opportunities to capture the spirit of this place in different moods. But alas drove by it several more times with the thought, "I can shoot this any time".  This is not to be. What once was a Federal House on the road to Bombay Hook is now a Pile of Bricks. Shoot it when you see it.

Valley of Fire State Park


Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is a great place to visit. Around every corner and every bend the desert landscape has been shaped by wind water and time. Valley of Fire is 55 miles from Las Vegas and well worth a visit with or without a camera.

I became aware of this park after seeing images of the Fire Wave.  On my journey to the Fire Wave there were many other spectacular features to photograph. My best guess is the rock formation in this photo is a Igneous Intrusion similar to the Devils Tower in Wyoming.  I've done a bit of searching to see if I can find any information on this specific feature in the park with no luck. Let me know if you have any details.

Oxbow Bend in Black and White


Grand Tetons National Park is truly a spectacular place to visit. Oxbow bend is a classic photograph in the park and a great place to view wildlife. This shot with Mount Moran the prominent mountain in the shot was taken pre-dawn and converted to B&W using Nik Silver Efex Pro and post processed in Photoshop. .  I really feel that this image was best in B&W and the dramatic contrast gives a great sense of what it was like to be there.

Zabriske Point First Light



Zabriske Point is located in Death Valley National Park. I showed this shot to Annette from the Baltimore Camera Club and she described it as a parfait. The look is the result of using a 200mm lens to take the shot. The effect this has is to compress the elements in the image together reducing the "depth".  It is quite the opposite effect that using a wide angle lens with a prominent foreground object would have. Be sure to take a look at other work in my gallery from this trip! I will continue to add more in the coming months.

The Mobius Arch



The Mobius Arch is in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine California. The Alabama Hills area is home to hundreds of arches. The area was used Hollywood to shoot and number of westerns Including Rawhide and King of the Khyber Rifles. In fact the Mobius Arch is located off of Movie Drive. This is a two shot panorama and I took it with the expectation that it would be converted to B&W. I'm quite happy with the result. The sky was pretty crazy! The Sierra's are in the background and Lone Pine Peak is centered in the arch. The tallest peak in the lower 48, Mt. Whitney is blocked by the arch.

Pulse of Scott's Run





This photo was taken on rainy day at Scott's Run.  Scott's Run was swollen with water  from the recent rains and concrete pillars  placed across the creek as "stepping stones", created the "pulse" as  the water rushed by.  In the Galleries and you can see an image that contains the pillars. The curves and texture are what drew me to create this image.